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[Amy Stults] For I know the plans I have for you

The chance to go to Haiti was such a privileged opportunity for me. There were so many eye opening experiences. I remember before hand everyone kept telling me that it was going to be a life changing event. I had my own assumptions but in reality, I had no real idea what Haiti was going to be like.

The conditions in Haiti make America seem like the biggest god send. When you go there and see how little they have, how can you come home and complain while living like a king. Yet, through all the hardships, the Haitian community has such joyous hearts. At the church and school everyone sings to praise the LORD with such strong voices, as well as such grace and passionate love. The hardest part for me was knowing our mission team could not help everyone who needed help over there. Wether it be an old lady asking for money, or starving street children. Although situations as such left me feeling guilty and would almost bring me to tears. Seeing smiles on the faces of the children, even if temporary, would bring such profound happiness. There is something very healing about a child’s laughter. All the while knowing that the LORD was with us guiding, loving and protecting us. Ultimately, Haiti was the biggest most life changing event I have ever experienced. I am so grateful that GOD and KPPC blessed me with such an amazing opportunity.

I remember while reading my devotional book, I stumbled upon a bible verse that read “For I know the plans I have for you” declares the LORD “Plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”. Over the duration of the mission trip I was able to learn about and grow closer to GOD. I am blessed that going to Haiti was a part of the LORD’S plan for me. Plans to give me strength, to give me inspiration and faith. GOD has made me much more appreciative of all he has blessed me with. I learned not to place anything before or above the LORD, for he has everlasting love for everyone.

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