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La Paix Eglise Presbyterienne D' Haiti (Haiti Peace Presbyterian Church)


La Plaine Blanchard, Rue Des Ronds #22

Cité Soleil, Haiti



"Peace on Haiti" began in 2000 with the support of Young Sang Church and dispatched missionary, Pastor Hyung-Gu Tak. Since then, it has worked to become a basis for spreading the Gospel within the depths of Cite Soleil, one of the poorest and most dangerous areas in Haiti. 

In 2009, Korean Peace Presbyterian Church of Seattle took on the role of main support and has been working to create a new leap forward through wholehearted prayer and support. Haiti Peace Presbyterian Church and Peace Academy are currently operated by local minister, Pastor John Cloud with the help of Korean missionary, Pastor Byung-Jun Pak.

Haiti Peace Presbyterian Church works to establish sincere faith in Haiti, where the Gospel is degenerated and members of the church corrupt, by means of proper education and worship. About 70 families congregate for worship every Sunday and the church continues to grow. 


Peace Academy currently has 11 teachers teaching approximately 160 students from 1st to 6th grades and 3 kindergarten classes. The vision of the academy is to foster faithful future leaders of Haiti through quality education and goodly environments.



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