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[Han Pak] Haiti has been an eye opening and touching experience

In all the traveling that I have done, not to say I have many miles under my belt, Haiti has been an eye opening and touching experience. Having left the country but a few times, visiting Haiti was not only an exciting adventure, but also one filled with emotion and spiritual healing. To visit such a devastated landscape filled with pain and sorrow, and to see so many hungry faces was an unforgettable journey. Each face told a different story, yet each was also filled with a plethora of emotions, some angry and some sad. All in all, the reason for me being there was a sign from God to witness a different side of his creation.

Our brothers and sisters from another land need assistance not only in rebuilding a nation, but also to help evangelize and strengthen their faith in God. Yes, these people need assistance in many other ways however without God; there would be no help at all. First, more importantly their introduction to God is something that must be taught. To open their eyes and witness everlasting life is not an ordinary gift, but by the grace of God they can be saved through us- instruments of Christ. I believe that we must keep pursuing and pushing Gods word in Haiti. It is the only way to help in a way that can change their lives forever. Understandably, we as a team were there for a little under a week however trying is better than nothing. It hurt me to see such a barren and crumbling nation seeking so much help.

Not only is Haiti an underdeveloped nation, they face adverse weather conditions and must endure monstrous earthquakes like the recent one which devastated most of their land. With such disaster comes violence and pain within the community. Because of this, we must push the Christian faith and teach them to look towards God for help. I believe our church is doing just that. To send a team a few times a year to help and push Gods word is great in the eyes of the Lord. I hope to be able to help again in the future using Gods word and to help them understand and witness everlasting life.

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