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[Youngbin Kim] 6th bathroom

First of all I would like to thank the Lord and our church for giving us the support and opportunity to go on this mission trip. On Monday morning we rode on a boat for an hour and went to a small island in Haiti called La Gonave.

At the island we decided to do VBS with the children and build a bathroom for a family. The families in the neighborhood did not have a proper bathroom to use, so many of them would go on the shore of the beach and at high tides their wastes would come in. Not only did this cause a bad smell but also created a very unsanitary environment for them to live in.

In order to build a bathroom our team had to provide some funds to buy the materials and with those materials the Haitian workers would dig a hole for three hours and build a wall around it for another four hours. Without doubt the Haitian workers did most of the work but in order to give them a little help we went to the scene for about three hours.

Although some of us got hurt and we were not able to give a tremendous amount of help, with God’s grace we did the best we can and was thankful to be apart of this special project. This was the 6th bathroom that Pastor Brian has built with mission teams and as time goes, I hope to see more bathrooms built for more families.

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