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[Eunia Lee] If they know God, they will know peace.

Yesterday night, I came back from a mission trip to Haiti. Although I have been to many mission trips, this trip was different from the start. For the first time, our mission team was given the daunting task of raising the funds needed ourselves. It was a task that we thought that we would not be able to complete. However, we tried anyways. Although each of us had very busy lives, we managed to exceed our goal with the money we raised from bake sales and doing services for our church members. I could tell from then on that God was truly with us and supporting us in every step we took. While in Haiti, God took every chance to show us the love He has for the nation. We were able to meet a missionary from Georgia who lived in Haiti for 25 years and we also got to see a nursing school that provided an education equivalent to the standards of an education in America. Through the people we met, we learned that God will not be the one to initiate change. But it is us who must come up with a goal or vision, and when we do, God will support us in mysterious ways. I hope that KPPC will have many visions for change in Haiti because I know that if we ask, we will receive.

For many of us, this was our second visit to Haiti and it touched our hearts when we saw the same children from last year who had even more knowledge of Christ. Not only did we get to see the children, but we were also informed that many new members came to the church after we held VBS last year. It was astounding to hear about the impact that we had on these lives. I would like to take time to thank God for showing us the fruit of the work KPPC has done in Haiti and also thank the church for providing us with donations, prayers and love. By doing so, the church has given us the seeds used to plant the word of God in Haiti. With these seeds, the children of Haiti will never forget that if they have no God, they have no peace. If they know God, they will know peace.

Eunia Lee

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